Sa Galera Lamp


The Sa Galera Wall Lamp infuses any space with both light and style, blending modern elegance with sustainable craftsmanship. Available in sophisticated white and natural brown finishes, this wall-mounted fixture not only illuminates your space but also enhances it with a sense of tranquil luxury. Looking for a custom fit? Reach out to personalize your lighting solution.

Design Inspiration

Inspired by the serene ambiance and historical richness of Sa Galera, an enchanting area known for its ancient coastal watchtower in Ibiza, the Sa Galera Lamp captures the essence of steadfastness and the soothing tones of the sea. Its design reflects the rugged textures of the coastal rocks and the smooth surface of the sea, embodying a blend of resilience and calm that characterizes this iconic locale. The wall lamp’s design, with its organic forms and earthy tones, brings the calm of Sa Galera's shores into your home.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 26.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 9 cm.
  • Material: Satin acrylic / Cannage.
  • Finishes: Gold.
  • Lampshade: Yes.
  • Lamp Holder: E27.
  • Lamp Holder Color: Gold.
  • Electric Cable Color: Gray 
  • Switch Material: Black plastic / Transparent plastic.


Handcrafted in Valencia, Spain, each Sa Galera Wall Lamp undergoes a meticulous process of molding, dyeing, and assembly by skilled artisans. The methacrylate used is chosen for its durability and beauty, ensuring each lamp not only shines with light but also with quality.

Usage and Maintenance Instructions

To ensure the longevity of your Sa Galera Lamp, avoid direct sunlight and moisture. Clean with a soft, dry cloth to keep the intricate cannage and satin methacrylate shining.

The plug type will be sent under your request which should be based on your region location: 

  • Type A: North America and Japan. 

  • Type C: Europe (except UK, Ireland and Malta) 

  • Type G: Middle East, UK, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Malta and Singapore.

Environmental and Social Commitment

Choosing the Sa Galera Wall Lamp supports environmentally responsible production practices. We use recycled materials and local natural pigments to minimize environmental impact. Each purchase helps sustain local economies and promotes ecological stewardship.

Transform your space with the Sa Galera Wall Lamp—where historical inspiration meets modern sustainability. Add a touch of Ibiza's serene coastal beauty to your walls today!

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